Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Testimonials from class


'' I asked Paul (Smith) and Nicole (Yershon) to look for the best life drawing teacher in the world.

They found you (MAMO). Not only do I agree with them, it was an inspired choice''

''(MAMOs Class) helped us re-learn how to draw, you freed

us to make marks, you gave us permission to play, to muck

about, to get dirty, and you shed the shackles from our eyes when it came to the human form.''

- Tham Khai Meng - Worldwide Creative Director & Chairman WW Creative Council
Ogilvy & Mather

''I turned up at Martins (MAMO) course slightly reluctantly, convinced my strengths were verbal. not visual. The effects were revelatory. The use of charcoal, and the emphasis on speed an instinct over fastidious technique led to results which....at best made me proud of something I had drawn for the first time since the age of 5. I never knew I had it in me.''

- Rory Sutherland - Executive Creative Director and Vice-Chairman, OgilvyOne London and Vice Chairman, Ogilvy Group UK

''....mind expanding as a drug and like a drug should be used carefully, because it's addictive.

..I want everyone to experience the elation of drawing....It took people who couldn't draw and for a brief moment turned them into artists. I want everyone to learn to look and learn to see, I want the world to go to (MAMOs) Life Class.''

- Paul Smith - Ogilvy & Mather EAME, London. Regional Creative Director EAME Digital

''(MAMOs Class).... was an eye opener as it takes away the fear of failure, self consciousness and allows you the child like innocence which is the epicenter of all creativity.''

-Piyush Pandey - Ogilvy & Mather India Board, Mumbai. Executive Chairman & Creative Director, South Asia.

’What a fantastic partnership it has been for the Digital Labs and although a life-drawing class it was not about the drawing, but about attitude, venturing out of your comfort zone and viewing the world in a different way. Most importantly it brought to life one of the Digi-Labs key messages of delivering a new perspective on old ways of doing things….In three short weeks 55 people attended Martins class and left hugely inspired’’

- Nicole Yershon – Digi Labs, Ogilvy

'Martin's class made me think everything is possible'

Corina, artist from class in East London – Off Broadway Bar

I found Martin's drawing class both intense and liberating….. A one day class has given me a deeper understanding of the process drawing and enriched the way I see.’’

- Jason Gregory RCA Alumni class 2010

“Martin’s class helped me look at the world in a different way … it broke my pre-conceived ideas about what drawing could mean and how successful I could be at it.”

Joel Gethin Lewis (Lewis and Helicar) – RCA Alumni class 2009

’In Martins class your are taken back to the drawing board, literally and taught to re-engage with the physical world. Processing and perception completley change... his class is a fantastic experiance.’’

- Thalia Temmerman (Start Creative)

’Martins workshop was a real eye opener ... It made me look and think in a fresh, exciting way.’’

- Jenny Morse, RCA Alumni 2010 participant

“It started to break down boundaries we didn't even realise we had set for ourselves, so hopefully I'll take away a more open-minded outlook on things! It was very therapeutic too!!”

- Ogilvy employee who took part in Digi Labs, Ogilvy Canary Wharf class

“Thanks to you and everyone else who set this up. It was such as great experience. Incredibly relaxing, and genuinely made you think about how you should go about things, whether it be life drawing, or writing a brief"

- Ogilvy employee who took part in Digi Labs, Ogilvy Canary Wharf class

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