Monday, 18 April 2011

Ogilvy Cadre Rome - April 2011-004

A couple of weeks ago I flew to Rome where I had the pleasure of spending 2 hours teaching a MAMO Life Drawing class to some of the top creatives in the world at the Ogilvy Cadre 2011. The class was great the Atmosphere was fantastic and as you can see the drawings where of the highest level. Thank you to everyone who attended I hope to meet again in the not to distant future!

Ogilvy Cadre Life Drawing Class 2011

Ogilvy Cadre Rome - April 2011-003

Ogilvy Cadre Rome - April 2011-002

Ogilvy Cadre Rome - April 2011-001

Ogilvy West Class April 2011-003

Ogilvy West Class April 2011-002

Ogilvy West Class April 2011-001

Another great class at Ogilvy. Thanks to all who came. Here's to more future classes.